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Nexart has the pleasure to transmit all of its strength and passion through teaching.

We impart our knowledge on percussion, dance and values in the closest and most dynamic way we know.

A space in which a unique bond between teachers, music and students is formed, where passion, sweat, knowledge and efforts are shared, creating an environment of trust and effort.

Those of you who have ever dreamed of taking part in a percussive activity don’t hesitate to reach out to us.



— WORKSHOP assistant


— WORKSHOP assistant


— WORKSHOP assistant

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— Raquel T.


— Rassel


Espectáculo de Nexart Percussion en Barcelona

Intensive workshop for rhythm lovers.

Lessons that take part on Barcelona and its surroundings, where Nexart shares its methodology and show format weekly. A very versatile activity since it can be carried out with various age groups and expertise levels.

A workshop which focuses on both the artistic skills (rhythm, percussion, dance, creativity, corporal expression…) as well as the social ones (teamwork, perseverance, communication…).

Extracurricular activities in schools (with children, parents and/or teachers), workshops at civic centers and workshops at youth centers/clubs.

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Arte urbano en Barcelona

A different learning for percussion groups.

This activity is intended for already established percussion groups that want to experience new and different ways of understanding music and dance.

Nexart imparts masterclasses in order to facilitate our didactic tools to other people so that they can grow in the performance ambit.

These sessions are taught by the most experienced members of the company, young people with a great trajectory and plenty of artistic experience.

The team adapts the teaching to each different group and to the specific areas that they want to tackle, it identifies the particular skills that need to be strengthened and it offers artistic support of any kind depending on the group’s needs (dance, choreography, composition, music cleanliness, concrete instruments, staging…).

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Evento musical en Barcelona

Our star activity for companies.

The Nexart experience - Team Building enforces teamwork and spirit of improvement on the participants of the activity. We transmit, in a dynamic and ludic manner, the basic principles to reach the main objective, beating in unison.

The vibrations that are born on the drum give off energy that is transmitted within the team, making its members walk together as if they were one.

The activity tunes into a brutal dynamic that transmits fellowship, happiness and a sense of unity.

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Collage de fotos de Nexart Percussion Formación


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