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Nexart Percussion is an artistic percussion and dance company that transmits the spirit of overcoming and perseverance which has marked our lives to the audience.

In the moment that we discover our passion, all of our paths align to chase a common challenge: to turn these feelings into a professional project.

Teamwork and creativity are the two essential pillars within the team: they mark all of our shows and are essential to achieve the connection and closeness we seek to achieve with the audience.‚ÄÉ



‚ÄĒ Carla S.


‚ÄĒ Pilar S.


‚ÄĒ Isaac S.


‚ÄĒ Patri I.


‚ÄĒ Alayra C.


‚ÄĒ Lisa M.


‚ÄĒ Rubens M.


‚ÄĒ Gerard A.


‚ÄĒ Jorge S.

ūüĒ• ¬°THRILL WITH¬†US!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Our street performances follow a common thread: they tell the story that any passionate person could live if they chose to challenge their limits.

Stories of overcoming that are born in the darkness and grow towards the light, where the deep beat of percussion is in charge of guiding a path that won’t go unnoticed.

Performances that will resonate strongly leaving an impression on our memories.

Collage de fotos de Nexart Percussion actuando en la calle

SHOWS ūüé≠

Espect√°culo de Nexart Percussion en Barcelona

As the name reveals, the performance moves forward seeking a limit.

A performance for all audiences, where movement is permanent and the echo of the percussion will guide the route of both the performer and the public.

This traveling show takes advantage of the magic that’s created between the performer and the public, creating the opportunity for gags and improvisation which will make each execution unique.

Nexart will beat, chasing the limit of any audience and act, making the performance an intense and extraordinary experience.

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9 - 12 artists

1h - 1h 30min

Arte urbano en Barcelona

The most mature and extreme performance of the company takes place in a concrete space like a stage or a square.

It seeks the borders of the artists and their bodies, as well as those of the percussive instruments that they are playing. The movements suit the different rhythms of each distinct musical style while they also interpret each beat, vibration or silence.

An explosive mix that entrances the spectator and brings them into the dynamic of the performance, experimenting details that will surprise them and will keep them connected to the show.

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7 - 9 artists


Evento musical en Barcelona

We elaborate tailor-made products, adapt the performance in an exclusive manner and bring all of our experience within the artistic world to create a unique event.

Shows where we always maintain the energy and connectivity with the public that characterizes us, with the tone, aesthetic, space and length that’s required of the company.

ONAIR show, under the artistic direction of Jorge Alcover.

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Custom production

P√ļblico en las calles de Barcelona


Collage de fotos de Nexart Percussion en Barcelona


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